Algorithmic audience in the age of artificial intelligence: Personalization, information cocoons, algorithm literacy, and news literacy

Thursday, 23 November 2023, 1:00pm – 2:00pm (HKT) on Zoom

Dr Roselyn Du’s newly published book, Algorithmic Audience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (2023), employs a mix-methods approach to examine and interpret the algorithmic news consumption phenomenon from several inter-related perspectives, including tailored communication, customization, gatekeeping, agenda-resisting, algorithmic literacy, and news literacy. Potential implications for an empowered or rather (information-) cocooned public are explored. The research aims to illuminate the renewed relationship between media and audience and the effects on users of algorithmic processes.

The aim of the book is multifaceted: (1) to describe the phenomenon of AI-based news recommendation; (2) to explore the user experience of consuming recommended news; (3) to analyze the effects that algorithmic news consumption has on the audiences; (4) to raise awareness of the impact of algorithmic news consumption; (5) to inform the public, technocrats, and policy makers of the effects of algorithmic news consumption; and (6) to guide debate on ethical decision-making and possible policy change. Through an empirical investigation process, this volume examines algorithmic news consumption from a user perspective and dissects the complex effects caused by such consumption.

ROSELYN DU received her PhD from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was awarded a prestigious University Fellowship as well as the Future Faculty Fellowship. Her areas of interest include global media, data journalism, audience analysis, public opinion, and media credibility. Her research has garnered multiple international and national top paper awards and was honoured with top-notch competitive grants. She has published widely in refereed journals such as Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, International Journal of Communication, Journalism– Theory, Practice and Criticism, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Global Media and Communication, International Communication Research Journal, Newspaper Research Journal, and Asia Pacific Media Educator, as well as in well-recognized edited volumes upon invitation. Dr. Du spearheaded the Data & News Society, a multidisciplinary community of practice based in Hong Kong since 2015. She was a visiting scholar at USC Annenberg School in 2017. Before joining the faculty at Cal State Fullerton, she spent ten productive years at Hong Kong Baptist University as a journalism professor and scholar, where she received the Outstanding Performance Award in Scholarly Work. In a previous life, she was an award-winning frontline journalist in China.

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  • Centre for Media and Communication Research (CMCR), School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University.

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