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On Tuesday 28th May 2024, faculty members at the Department of Journalism will present their research on diverse topics at the Journalism Researrch Annual Colloquium. > MORE


The HKBU Fact Check is organising a pre-conference on Navigating Truth: Progress and Prospects of Fact-Checking and Media Literacy at the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Conference on 29th June 2024. More

HKBU-affiliated faculty and students will have a significant presence at the 74th International Communication Association’s Annual Conference in June 2024. For a full list of presenters, click here

HKBU School of Communication is co-organising a pre-conference on Impacts of Strategic Communication in an Interconnected World at the 74th International Communication Association’s Annual Conference on 16th and 17th June 2024. More

  • 22 May 2022: 2022 ICA Preconference, Lisa Henderson,University of Western Ontario; Sandra Ristovska, University of Colorado, Boulder; Cherian George, Hong Kong Baptist University; John L. Jackson, Jr., University of Pennsylvania; Juan Escobar-Lamanna, University of Western Ontario, Communicating Multi-Modally: Research & Expressive Culture

  • 11–13 November 2021: An International Interdisciplinary Conference, School of Communication, Academy of Visual Arts, and the Department of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University, Narrating Cold Wars

  • 21 June 2021: Panel Discussion, Edmund W. Cheng, City University of Hong Kong; Kingwa Fu; Hong Kong University, Francis LF Lee; Chinese University of Hong Kong,Luwei Rose Luqiu; Hong Kong Baptist University, Marko M Skoric; City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Media Freedom Post-NSL


From, 20th to 22nd March 2024, our symposium, “The New Order of Cyber Regulation: Power, Control and Governance” explored the nuances of institutionalised regulation of cyber spaces in different socio-political regimes. The event features presentations from a dozen leading scholars from the Greater Bay Area, followed by a PhD colloquium. > MORE

On Saturday, 16 March 2024, Lauren Goodlad shared insights from her interdisciplinary research on ‘generative AI’, its key affordances, as well as its social, economic, and enviromental implications. > MORE

On Saturday, 2 March 2024, Bilge Yesil explored the shifting global landscape where authoritarian regimes have begun challenging the traditional Western hegemony in global affairs. With a focus on Turkey, Yesil analysis the communicative activities that has placed less liberal states as formidable alternatives to Western supremacy. > MORE

On Friday, 1st March 2024, S. Shyam Sundar discussed how to promote responsible AI by embedding trustworthiness and interactive opportunities for users to enhance the transparency of automated systems. > MORE

On the 21st, 23rd, and 28th of February 2024, a webinar series explored communicative approaches to Countering Polarisation on various fronts around the world. It was chaired by Cherian George, who is researching a book on the subject. > MORE

On Monday 11 December 2023, PhD and MPhil students of Cherian George’s Freedom of Expression and Censorship class presented their research projects at a half-day workshop, themed ‘Censorship’. > MORE

On Friday 1 December 2023, Aliaksandr Herasimenka, discussed how evolving digital communication technologies, such as messaging platforms, change organizing and leadership mechanisms in contemporary anti-authoritarian movements. He analysed two cases of relatively sustainable movements led by dissidents in Russia and Belarus prior to the Ukraine War. > MORE

On Thursday 23 November 2023, former Journalism Department scholar, Roselyn Du, shared insights from her newly published book, Algorithmic Audience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (2023), on the dynamics of algorithmic news consupmtion. The talk examined algorithmic news consumption from a user perspective and dissected the complex effects caused by such consumption. > MORE

Based on his forthcoming co-edited volume, Women we Love: Femininities and the Korean Wave (2023), Kai Khiun Liew, on Friday 3 November 2023, shared insights on the complexity and autonomy of women artistes in Korean pop culture. His talk highlighted gender dynamics in situating the Hallyu that serves to give otherwise marginalised women greater visibility as more meaningfully active participants. > MORE

On Friday 6 October 2023, Michael Ng challenged the prevailing narrative that Hong Kong’s freedom of expression is a legacy of British rule of Law. Based on his book Political Censorship in British Hong Kong: Freedom of Expression and the Law (1842–1997) (Cambridge), Ng discussed how Hong Kong came to be a city that championed free speech by the late 1990s. > MORE

HKBU’s CMCR and CUHK’s C-Centre launched a new Chinese Journalism Studies Network to facilitate knowledge exchange and to foster collaborative research on Chinese journalism. A roundtable of established researchers reviewed the current status of the field and suggested new research directions that can illuminate media dynamics in China. > MORE

Drawing from his 30-plus years of research experience, Ven-Hwei Lo, on Monday 11 September 2023, elaborated on how to develop strong quantitative research skills and how to build solid theoretical foundations in empirical research. > MORE

2022/2023 Talks

  • 31 March 2023: Chin-Chuan Lee. Communication, National Chengchi University, On Academic Career

  • 24 February 2023: Ying Zhu, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hollywood in China

2021/2022 Talks

  • 6 April 2022: Esterina Nervino, Department of English and Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong; Valentino Santucci, University for Foreigners of Perugia; Kristen Li, Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University; AI and Tech in Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities