HKBU-affiliated faculty and students will be presenting at the 74th Annual International Communication Association Annual Conference 2024 in Gold Coast, Australia and online. Dates: Thursday, 20 June to Monday, 24 June 2024.

List of HKBU Presentations

Note: These entries are as reflected in the official programme as posted in February 2024 and are subject to change.

S/NPapers and AuthorsDivision
Friday, 21st June 2024
1Game Co-Play and Family Communication: The Mediating Role of Parental Mediation and Bottom-Up Technology Transmission
Jiayu Gu; Vincent Huang
Game Studies
2Conceptualizing and Measuring Influencer Strategic Authenticity Lin Zhu;
Yan WANG; Mark Kazemzadeh
Public Relations
3Censorship is Generative: Exploring how Censorship Shapes the Everyday Cultural Practices in Chinese Fanfiction Communities
Zuquan Xiong; Vincent Huang; Luying Hua
Popular Media and Culture
4Neo-global or post-global movie consumption?: Comparing discourses on Chinese and Western social media
Jesse O. Hearns-Branaman; Andy Lihua Chen
Global Communication and Social Change
5Living Behind Screens: Construe the Public Sentiment Amid Shanghai Lockdown from the Perspective of Community Resilience
Hanjing WANG; Tianlun ZHOU; Yushi LUO; Yitong Gu
Communication & Technology
6Theorising media manipulation in autocratising electoral regimes
Cherian George
Panel Session
7Privacy Cynicism and Diminishing Utility of State Surveillance: A Natural Experiment of Mandatory Location Disclosure on China’s Weibo
Yuner ZHU
Political Communication
8A Reflective-Formative Approach to Influencer Strategic Authenticity
Lin Zhu; Mark Kazemzadeh; Yan WANG
Public Relations
9Explainable AI Research is (Partly) Communication Research: Initiating Conversations Between the Two Fields
Kun Xu; Jingyuan J. Shi
Human-Machine Communication
10Crisis Blame Avoidance in the Digital Platform: A Focus on the Zhengzhou 7-20 Rainstorm Incident in China
Ze LAI; Jizhou F. YE; Yuyuan Lai; Yujie Hou
Public Relations
11Understanding the Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Persuasive Effects of Interactive Narratives: A Systematic Review
Shuo Zhou; QiQi Li; Ho Man Leung; Linwei Huang; Mingrong Hong
 Information Systems
12Diffusion as Translation: Transediting and The Diffusion of Social Movement Discourses across Linguistic Areas in the Age of Globalization
Guangsheng V. Huang; Yuexin Lyu
Language & Social Interaction
13Resolving Inconsistency in Self-Presentations with Positive Framing: Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Authenticity
Haixin Mu; Shuning Lu; Anfan Chen; Hai Liang
Communication & Technology
14A Comparative Study of Public Support for the Zero-COVID Policy in Beijing, Taipei and Singapore: The Role of Media Attention and Perceived Social Impact
Ran Wei; Ven-hwei Lo; Xiao Zhang; Jing Guo; Wenting Yu
Health Communication
15A Comparative Study of Public Support for the Zero-COVID Policy in Beijing, Taipei and Singapore: The Role of Media Attention and Perceived Social Impact
Ran Wei; Ven-hwei Lo; Xiao Zhang; Jing Guo; Wenting Yu
Health Communication
 Media Literacy Interventions Improve Resilience to Misinformation: A Meta-Analytic Investigation of Overall Effect and Moderating Factors
Guanxiong Huang; Wufan JIA; Wenting Yu
Information Systems
16Heuristics and Cues in Cyber Self-censorship: The Case of China
Dan Wang; Zhongshi S. Guo
Partner Panel
17Propagating COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories: The Influence of Right-Wing Sources Wenting Yu; Zhicong Chen; Xiang MengInformation Systems
18Work-Life Balance, Marriage Crisis, and Mother Guilt: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of The Chinese Reality Show Sisters Who Make Waves
Janno Yanjun He; Liming Liu; Qingyuan Zhao
Popular Media and Culture
19Social-Mediated Polarizing Crisis Research: A Systematic Review on Theory Development and Case Analysis
Angela Ka Ying Mak; Song Ao; Yan F. Xu; Zijun C. Wang
Public Relations
20A Multidimensional and Cross-cultural Scale for Measuring Institutional Trust
Yi-Hui Christine Huang; Jie Sun; HAODONG LIU; Ruoheng Liu; Qinxian Cai; Jun Li; Jennifer Lau; Yinuo Liu
Public Relations
21“Is a Prophet Not Appreciated in His Land?”: An Analysis of Netizen’s Discourses of “African of the Year 2021” Conferral.
Sandra A. Mensah; AURELIA N. AYI-BONTE
Language & Social Interaction
22Exploring virtual influencers’ popularization of non-fungible tokens: The roles of human-likeness and influencer tier congruence
Jiemin Looi; LeeAnn Kahlor
Human-Machine Communication
23The Development and Validation of the Motivations for Avatar-Mediated Meetings (MAMM) Scale
Swati Pandita; Rabindra (Robby) Ratan; Taenyun Kim; Dayeoun Jang; Chaeyun Lim; Kun Xu; Andrea S. Won; Vasileios Stavropoulos; Pitch Sinlapanuntakul; Anna Samira Praetorius; Jorge Peña; Inyoung Park; Kristine Nowak; Nicholas Matthews; Victoria McArthur; JIh-Hsuan (Tammy) Lin; Kwan M. Lee; Brian Klebig; Steffie S. Kim; Dominic Kao; Adam S. Kahn; David C. Jeong; Beatrice Hasler; Fox Harrell; Eugy Han; Andrew Gambino; Edward Downs; Jim Cummings; Christine L. Cook; Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen; Domna Banakou; Laura Aymerich-Franch
Information Systems
24Asetheticizing nationalism as counter-hegemony in movie consumption: Constructing Chinese-ness in digital space
Andy Lihua Chen; Jesse O. Hearns-Branaman
Popular Media and Culture
Saturday, 22nd June 2024
25Negotiating Underground Visibility: (Self-)Censorship and Gatekeeping on WeChat in Shanghai’s Underground Clubbing Scenes
Mick Vierbergen
Interpersonal Communication
26Biophilia Gratification: Evidence from Nature-related Posts and Images on Social Media Yu-Leung Ng; Zhihuai LinCommunication Science & Biology
27Patient-Centered Communication and Mental Health of Sexual Minority Adults: A Moderated Mediation Model
Piper L. Liu; Tien Ee Dominic Yeo
Health Communication
28Visual and moral framing of climate change on YouTube: A comparative study of enviornmental videos in the US and the UK
Ziwei Wang; Liang Lan; Yunya Song
Computational Methods
29The Negotiation of Modern China Gay Identities: A Qualitative Analysis of Text-based Communication in Dating Apps
Mobile Communication
30Toward An Architecture of Shared-Purpose-Driven Organizations: Reorienting Communication and Public Relations to Purpose
Chun-Ju Flora Hung-Baesecke; Yi-Ru Regina Chen; Maureen Taylor
 Public Relations
31Perceptions of Incivility in Public Online Discussions: A Qualitative Analysis of the Influence of Message and Context Characteristics
Baiqi Li; Jingyi Zhang; Yunya Song
Language & Social Interaction
32The Persuasive Effects of Personalized Advertising: A Meta-Analytic Review
Tsz Hang Chu; Tien Ee Dominic Yeo; QiQi Li
Information Systems
33Translating Dialogic Theory into ESG Reporting Standards: A Dialogic Framework of Stakeholder Engagement
Hua H. Li; Angela Ka Ying Mak
Public Relations
34The Representation of Macho Masculinities and Strengthening China’s Nationalism while De-queering Winter Begonia
Yiyuan ZHANG
Feminist Scholarship
35For more imagination or disillusionment? A path model connecting fear of being single to dating anxiety of online dating users
LI ZHONG; Vincent Huang
     Interpersonal Communication
36Towards Understanding Social Dynamics in Audio Space: a Social Audio Dataset of Online Room Chat in Clubhouse
Yupeng Li; Hanjing WANG
Computational Methods
37The Evolving Landscape of Vaccine Communication Research: Research Topics, Theories, and Knowledge Structure
Haonan YIN; Luying WANG; Yifan LI; Zixi Li; Xiaohui V. Wang; Ye Sun
Information Systems
38Regulating Dominant Platforms: Challenges and Opportunities of Content Moderation on Jio Platforms
Arjun Chatterjee
39Legitimation of Climate Change: Discursive Strategy and Frame Amplification of National Theme on Weibo
Miao Xu; Yunya Song
Environmental Communication
Sunday, 23nd June 2024
40Do men and women perceive ChatGPT as the same tool?A study of gender differences in acceptance of AI technology
Yajing LU
Information Systems
41Transcoding a Wanghong City: Mediatized Culturalization of Urban Places in China
Sheng Zou
Media Industry Studies
42A Practical Guide for Social Media Research: Data Collection and Sentiment Analysis
Kristen L. Sussman; Jiemin Looi; Haseon Park
Computational Methods
43Inoculation Theory Revisited: Reinterpretations, Extensions, and New Directions
Guangchao C. Feng
Mass Communication
44Exploring the Impact of Media Use on Trust in Chinese Government: The Mediating Role of Authoritarian Personality
Zhihuai Lin
Political Communication
45Understanding Underlying Moral Values and Language Use of Climate Change Attitudes on Twitter and Weibo
Yunya Song; Chris Chao Su; Yuanhang Lu; HUANG QINTAO 
Environmental Communication
46Who speaks for my childbirth? A mixed-method analysis of journalistic sourcing of reproduction issues in China between 2013 and 2022
Xiaoyun HUANG; Fan Xiao; Kecheng Fang
Feminist Scholarship
47YouTubed Quarantine: How Pandemic Severity, Source-level Factors, and Message-level Factors Affect Watching?
Shuaishuai Sun
Health Communication
48The Puppeteer’s Stage: Deciphering the Pathway of Media Use and Governance in China
Dongni Li
Political Communication
49A Systematic Review of Moderators of Normative Influences
Ying Cheng; Zixi Li; Jingyuan J. Shi
Information Systems
50The (Unintended) Effects of Active Fact-checking Behaviors on Conspiracy Beliefs and Political Cynicism: The Moderating Role of Partisanship
Tianlun ZHOU; Xinzhi Zhang; Taiquan Peng; Qinfeng Zhu
Global Communication and Social Change
51The Consequences of Observing the Government-Citizen Social Media Interactions: The Role of Inquiries’ Tone and Replying Agents
Xinzhi Zhang; Fangcao Lu
Communication & Technology
52“Supervisor phubbing and employee (online) workplace deviance in the US, the Netherlands and India: The moderating role of employee identification”
Jiangling HUANG; Jos Bartels
Organizational Communication
53Happy people make people happy: Being honest or being positive? That is the online question.
Jos Bartels; Jiangling HUANG
Organizational Communication
54Evaluating the Authenticity of Online Health Messages: Evidence from Eye Tracking
Stephanie Jean Tsang
Health Communication
55Communicating Geopolitics of Wars in Ukraine and Gaza
Daya Thussu; Arjun Chatterjee
Panel Session
56Beyond the Code: The Impact of AI Algorithm Transparency Signaling on User Trust and Organizational-Public Relationships
Keonyoung Park; Ho Young Yoon
Public Relations
57Why Are Users Drawn to ChatGPT? Unraveling the Motivations, Concerns, and Acceptance of Generative Artificial Intelligence
Zhihuai Lin; Yu-Leung Ng
Human-Machine Communication
58Exploring the Shifting Paradigm in the Post-pandemic Era: Parental Mediation of Digital Media in Asian Countries
Jingyuan J. Shi; Huijun Zhuang; Wenshu Li; Liang Chen; May O. Lwin
Children, Adolescents, & the Media
59Relationships May Never Die: Parasocial Breakup as a Meaning-Making Process
Zuquan Xiong; Vincent Huang
Popular Media and Culture
60Audience Expectations of Journalistic Roles Amidst Democratic Backsliding: The Case of Hong Kong
Journalism Studies
61Scholars at Risk: Dangers, Patterns, Resistance – Plenary Session
Barbie Zelizer; Hanan Badr; Cherian George; Dariya Orlova; Yoel Roth
Monday, 24th June 2024
62Reducing work autonomy and increasing burnout: An empirical study of the impact of workplace bullshit in organizations
Yijun Luo; Vincent Huang
Organizational Communication
63Income-Based Disparities in Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Virtual Global Health Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Methods Analysis
Shuo Zhou; Lisa Umphrey; Enid K. Kagoya
     Health Communication
64Automation Reporting in the Shadow of Old News Logic: Hong Kong-Listed Companies’ Financial Results Covered by Bloomberg
Ming Hang So
Journalism Studies
65Parental discourse in gendered contexts: Analyzing key topics and emotional experiences among new parents
Bu Zhong; Yuner ZHU; Carol Kit Yang Cheung
Health Communication
66Producing Exploitation: Idol Talent Shows in China
Andy Lihua Chen; Dan Wang
Popular Media and Culture
67Is It (Para)social Interaction Between Human and AI Agents? A Scoping Review of Measured PSI in Human-AI Communication
Dandan Liu
Human-Machine Communication
68Protective Self-Presentation for Audiences with Interdependent Self-Construals Using Ephemeral Messages: The Case of Humblebragging
Zijian Lew; Jiemin Looi
Communication & Technology
69Enhancing job satisfaction and performance for teleworkers: The role of IT mindfulness, techno eustress, and work autonomy
Grace Yuekun Gao; Vincent Huang
 Information Systems
70Extended Abstract: A representative for all girls? The soft masculinity of male e-commerce streamers in the case of Li Jiaqi
Fan Xiao; Tien Ee Dominic Yeo
Popular Media and Culture
71Understanding How Patient-Centred Communication Improves Cancer Screening Among American Women: Roles of Health Self-efficacy and eHealth Engagement
Yuyuan Lai; Ze LAI; Jizhou F. YE; Yuhao Zhang
Health Communication
  72Message Effects on Psychological Reactance: A Meta-Analytic Review Zixi Li; Jingyuan J. Shi Health Communication
73The Role of Communication in A Shared-purpose-driven Organization, Social Impact, and Tensions
Yi-Ru Regina Chen; Chun-Ju Flora Hung-Baesecke
Panel Session