Narrating cold wars: Day 2

For abstracts and bios, please download the full programme from the main page.

Panel 5: Humanity, Ecology, Trauma, Part 1
1. Cold War as a Unifying Human Rights Story – Itai Sneh, City University of New York
2. Strange Harmony: Human Nature and Tyranny in the Eyes of Czesław Miłosz – Milen Jissov, BNU-HKBU United International College
3. Visual Proximation and Socialist Internationalist Feminism: Displacing Binaries of the Cold War through Film OYOYO (1980) by Chetna Vora – Vinit Agarwal, Independent researcher
Chaired by Kenneth Paul Tan, Hong Kong Baptist University

Panel 6: Humanity, Ecology, Trauma, Part 2
1. Trauma, Cold War, Decolonization and China – Marina Gržinić, Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts, Institute of Philosophy
2. War Movies and Commemoration – How Movies Can Function as Tools for Remembrance – Kent Sommer-Edstrøm, Cand. Mag. (University of Roskilde)
3. Curating Memory: Exploring Visual Narratives in Cold War Museums and Memorials in Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Cambodia – Giacomo Bagarella, Consultant and writer
4. Climate Race?: Accounting for a Hot Planet in a New Cold War World – Marina Kaneti, National University of Singapore
Chaired by Kenneth Paul Tan, Hong Kong Baptist University

Keynote 3: The Galaxy Empire
John Keane, University of Sydney
He Baogang, Deakin University
Chaired by Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Hong Kong Baptist University

Panel 7: Migration, Exile, Defection
1. Exiled Ecologies: Recollecting Cold War Sinophone Displacement – Zhou Hau Liew, National Taiwan University
2. Towards De-Cold War: The Sentiment of Anticommunism and Antiprostitution in the Narrative of ‘Dalumei’ (Mainland Little Sister) in Taiwan – I-ting Chen, Lingnan University
3. A Man Without a Country: British Imperial Nostalgia in Ferry to Hong Kong (1959) – Kenny Ng, Hong Kong Baptist University
Chaired by Dorothy Lau, Hong Kong Baptist University

Panel 8: China in the International Media
1. G7’s Rhetoric of Rivalry with China via Hong Kong – Vincent Pak-Hong Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University
2. Media Representation of China in COVID-19 News Coverage: An Analysis of the Language of Two Western Newspapers – Zhixia Yang and Haiyan Men, Shanghai Sanda University
3. Hungary and the New Cold War Narrative on China – Ágota Révész, Technische Universität Berlin
Chaired by Daya Thussu, Hong Kong Baptist University

Panel 9: Twitter Diplomacy
1. Making Cold War Public Diplomacy? China’s Twitter Diplomacy During the Pandemic – Mette Thunø, Aarhus University
2. ‘For They Have Sown The Wind, and They Shall Reap the Whirlwind’ – China’s Twiplomacy and its Repercussion in France – Emilie Tran, Hong Kong Baptist University
3. Othering China: German Media Discourse During the Pandemic – Yu-chin Tseng, University of Tübingen
4. Chinese Discourse against United States in the WTO Arena – Mariano Mosquera, Catholic University of Cordoba
Chaired by Alistair Cole, Hong Kong Baptist University

Keynote 4: China at the Dawn of the Cold War: Between Class War and the New Internationalism
Rana Mitter, Oxford University
Chaired by Klaus Mühlhahn, Zeppelin University

Roundtable 2: COLD WAR 2.0?
Kanti Bajpai, National University of Singapore
Ian Johnson, Former New York Times correspondent in China
Maria Repnikova, Georgia State University
Chaired by Daya Thussu, Hong Kong Baptist University